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Land of Clans is a strategy game with nostalgic design and intelligible and captivating gameplay. The game is adapted for mobile devices browser game. You can play with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Land of Clans Game

Game strategy

Сhoose your game strategy

Farming and producing the new game assets, or expanding your lands and conquesting new territories and treasures.

To be Landlord

Farm and producing the new game assets

Land of Clans Landlord

To be Warlord

Expand your lands and conquest new territories

Land of Clans Warlord

Each land allows you

Land of Clans Mine gold and food

Mine gold and food

Produce resources, to get new game assets.

Land of Clans Build your civilization

Build your civilization

Civilization must have a prosperous economy, build it wisely.

Land of Clans Make wealth

Make wealth

Trade the received goods on the markets, get rich.

Compete and become the best!


Cooperate to became stronger

Landlords Clans

Players unite into clans and fight for the top position and reward. Develop your land, take part in the tournaments, get into the top league and make a big score!!!


Get easy with the crypto world

Web3 gaming is complicated for beginners. Crypto terms, wallets, blockchains, tokens and NFTs need advanced knowledge, but old school familiar designed Land of Clans can be a simple way to sort it out. You can understand how it works and LOC community team will help you with your doubts.

Land of Clans Orden

Play-and-earn is a growing economy with future services, innovative job and ownership opportunities so don’t miss a chance to discover the brand new metaverse world for yourself.

Land of Clans Orden

Players income based on in-game marketplace. The Land of Clans economics is real player-driven.


How to earn in the Land of Clans:

Land of Clans Step 1

Mine resources, build constructions and upgrade your land

Land of Clans Step 2

Turn the buildings on your land into a digital asset – NFT – and put it up for sale on the market

Land of Clans Step 3

Other players buy your asset and you’ll get profit

You can check the history of sales on the market

To start Play and Earn mode and turn your items into NFTs, you need to be a landowner and buy your land. Read more about this in the FAQ.


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